Monday, December 16, 2013

A Sweet Reminder

In between working on other projects, I have been working a Churchmouse Classics Simple Straight Skirt.  I purchased the tweed yard and pattern with the intent of having it ready for the end of fall, but things have popped up for finishing in between knitting my Simple Skirt.  It is my current WIP ... "work in progress."

This week, as I focus on tidying up my Christmas preparations in anticipation of my kids coming home for the holiday, I am faced with the notion that I, too, am a work in progress. As I find myself distracted by conflicting emotions, I am burdened with a sense of gloominess while I work on resolve.  I'm an emotional being... one who loves and hurts deeply.

I am a KnitCrate subscriber. The idea of having a package of knitting supplies arrive by subscription to my door is intriguing. Shrouded by my gloomy mood, I twitched my mouth with a sense of initial scrutiny as I opened, unexcitedly and with a heart of complaint, my Knitcrate subscription. Unimpressed with the packaging, I tossed the foiled padded envelope in the trash, then turned to scrutinize the contents...  and there it was.

It's amazing to me how often I find myself facing "coincidence" at just the right moment. As I picked up a book tucked into the bi-monthly subscription package, I realized it was an autographed book by Ann Hood. Like Ann Hood, I turned to knitting as a source of dealing with an overwhelming sense of grief and loss after losing our son in 2008. It was not because someone I knew suggested I would enjoy knitting, but her books The Knitting Circle and Comfort A Journey in Grief, that nudged me to making garments with a ball of string and sticks. It became my comfort and my center passion.  I dreamed of opening a local yarn shop, joined associations, and began working toward reaching that desire... it became my work in progress.

For the last year and a half, I returned to work, part-time, in the efforts to save start-up costs to launch my dream.  As often happens, my work in progress now set aside, I found myself losing hope for my dream, and settling into the "what-is" of going through the motions.

Picking up the autographed book by Ann Hood from my Knitcrate with amazement, I read the first two pages.
"Since that October day, I have met thousands of knitters and heard their stories.  Stories of how knitting helped them through all kinds of things that life throws into our paths: divorce, depressions, deaths, chemotherapy, loneliness, despair. But I've also heard stories about the sheer joy of knitting."  

And it all came rushing back to me. My reason why.... my dream and, with it, a moment of re-energized excitement in my heart.  I realize that (as with my knitting), my life is a work in progress. I need to remember to pick back up what I may set aside for a moment, and finish that which brings me joy.

I'm looking forward to finishing this book from Ann Hood, and I can't wait to knit the project from this month's Knitcrate. I will wear it as a sweet reminder of the vision and dreams I hold in my heart.

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